•  Like the idea of Cloud computing but
your applications aren’t available in the Cloud?
  • Have you fully tapped the business value
of Cloud computing?
  • Looking for a way to make IT
smaller and more strategic?
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It's Time For The Cloud!

We help small and medium sized businesses easily migrate their existing applications to the Cloud. This one decision saves them money, increases the reliability and safety of their critical IT infrastructure and improves their overall IT experience.

Businesses today need to be agile, flexible and responsive.  Can you quickly scale up to service new customers and markets? Can you adopt new technologies rapidly to take advantage of the efficiencies they offer?

Cloud computing enables you to move from working within your
own IT bubble to using the Cloud to quickly and efficiently access technologies you need, when you need them, at the scale you require. Cloud computing offers you creative ways to address how you employ IT which in turn frees you to focus on what matters most—your core business.

Providing a new level of flexibility and mobility, our Cloud solution integrates seamlessly with your existing business applications to provide a fully redundant, flexible way to work that saves you money and makes your workforce more efficient.

By converting your unknown capital expenditures into a fixed monthly operational expense, you have a predictable return on your technology investment each and every month.  Apps on Tap levels the playing field for even the smallest business to succeed competitively and operate more efficiently by supplying IT-as-a-Service to your growing company.

Imagine, all your existing applications in the Cloud, accessible from anywhere and fully managed by one vendor!

Contact Apps on Tap to learn more and to start transforming your business today.

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