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A 'True Cloud' Experience!

A “true Cloud” is much more than the applications and infrastructure – it’s also the service, support and expertise that makes it all work; that’s where the true cost of Cloud comes in – and the true value.  As an experienced and well staffed Cloud service provider, imagine the efficiencies and reliability this can bring to your IT initiatives and how much more agile and innovative your business becomes.

The main difference between our Cloud solution, Apps on Tap and other Cloud service providers is that our solution is end-to-end IT management and support of all your technology (Servers, software, storage, backup, on-site support, remote helpdesk, etc.) where other vendors simply operate as an extension of your IT team leaving the management and much of the support up to you.

We help small and medium sized businesses easily migrate their existing applications and infrastructure to the Cloud. This one decision saves them money, increases the reliability and safety of their critical IT infrastructure and improves their overall IT experience.

Imagine, all your existing applications in the Cloud, accessible from anywhere, from any device and fully managed by one vendor!

Contact Apps on Tap to learn more and to start transitioning your business to the Cloud today.

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